Cloud Native DevOps Explained

Not sure what it takes to migrate an existing application to a cloud-native environment? Check out this video from IBM Cloud experts for a walk-through demonstration, along with an explanation of DevOps principles applied throughout the application lifecycle. If you’re still trying to wrap your head around the benefits of cloud-native app development, reach out to Data Fusion Specialists for more expert resources. #cloudnative #IBM #DevOps

Streamline IT administration

 To support digital business, IT needs to optimize infrastructure and foster innovation. @Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 delivers the control, confidence, and management tools needed for modern, agile business operations. Read this solution brief to learn more! #dfs

Think about customer experience

77% of enterprises say that building cloud-native apps results in faster development and deployment, and 67% say it helps them respond to market changes faster. Watch this video to hear from @IBM Cloud experts on how to spark business growth by scaling cloud-native development. Contact the experts at Data Fusion Specialists for even more insights or with questions on how your business can benefit from cloud-native apps.
#cloudnative #DevOps

Manage your Linux environment for success

 Did you know 75% of cloud-enabled enterprises use Linux as their primary cloud platform? But knowing how to manage Linux is key to success with the OS. This eBook from Red Hat shows how to build and support a cost-effective and speedy Linux environment. Read it today and visit us at Data Fusion Specialists!

Building Cloud-Native Applications in a Hybrid Multicloud World

Cloud-native application development in a multicloud environment brings agility to application development while improving your responsiveness to change. These advantages come with challenges — ranging from embracing cultural change to managing a complex environment. Read this white paper from IDC for insights into how to develop the right cloud-native strategy and how IBM solutions enable […]