Hilton Enhances Digital Guest Experience with Red Hat Container and Automation Technology

 Customer satisfaction is a top priority in today’s hospitality industry. Read this success story to learn how Hilton enhanced its innovative guest services and amenities with an agile hybrid cloud computing environment. With enterprise Linux container and management technology from Red Hat, Hilton offers customers more convenience, choice, and control. #dfs

Red Hat OpenShift Ecosystem

 Why should you deploy traditional and cloud-native applications on the Red Hat OpenShift container and Kubernetes platform from Data Fusion Specialists? This video makes it clear. Watch it to see how Red Hat OpenShift leads the way to a simpler, more consistent, Kubernetes-powered hybrid cloud application platform. #dfs

 Build Cloud Native

 Whether you’re modernizing applications or building new ones, a cloud-native approach allows you to take advantage of the cloud’s flexibility and scalability. Cloud-native applications are easier to manage and you can deploy them quickly and scale based on demand.

This eBook, provided by @IBM, talks about the benefits of using cloud-native architecture and apps. Check it out to learn why building cloud-native is what your business needs to remain flexible and efficient.

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Cloud-Native Meets Hybrid Cloud: A Strategy Guide

With today’s focus on digital transformation and the business advantages of change, how can you leverage new and complex technologies to deliver real value? This eBook is a useful primer. Download it for tips on planning approaches to tacking modern #IT strategies. Contact Data Fusion Specialists if you’d like expert support.

Everyone knew the stakes were high

Timely, reliable updates during severe weather events can be a matter of life and death. So when The Weather Company migrated to #IBMCloud right before the 2018 hurricane season, the stakes were high. See how it turned out, and how Data Fusion Specialists can help your business benefit from that same stability and reliability. #dfs

Managing Complexity with the Cloud

The cloud is the technology backbone that makes today’s business environment possible, but the combination of private cloud, public cloud and on-premise solutions makes many modern IT environments increasingly complex.

Frustrated by the complexity? Data Fusion Specialists, an #IBMCloud partner, can help you manage #hybridcloud environments and unlock the true value of the cloud. Watch this video to see how IBM Cloud simplifies hybrid cloud management! #dfs

Schlumberger, IBM & Red Hat Collaborate in Hybrid Cloud to Empower Energy Industry

IBM Cloud and Red Hat helped oil-field services provider Schlumberger deliver the first #hybridcloud implementation of the energy industry’s open-source data platform, OSDU. Leveraging IBM’s hybrid cloud technology built on the Red Hat OpenShift container platform, this collaboration will accelerate #digitaltransformation across the oil and gas industry.

Learn how Data Fusion Specialists can help you break new ground with #IBMCloud.

Ansible Security Automation

How can the Red Hat Ansible Automation platform help security analysts better understand and respond to anomalies in your network? This video shows Red Hat Ansible in action. Contact us to learn how Data Fusion Specialists can help you simplify and improve response speed and accuracy by automating data point investigation and collection. #dfs #automation