Making the Value of Hyperautomation a Reality

Hyperautomation is the automated handling of as many processes as possible to free worker time from routine and repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more complex problems. But the challenge with today’s hyperautomation landscape is its fragmentation; approaches and automation technologies are far from standardized. Read this blog to learn about IBM’s approach to […]

Accelerate Your Enterprise with SAP in the Cloud

As your organization continues to invest in digital transformation to be more competitive, cloud migration is a great first step. However, true innovation comes when application modernization is part of the approach, where game-changing technologies like AI and blockchain are deployed. Read this blog to explore the main benefits of cloud migration with a focus […]

The Basics of Business Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are taking automation to a whole new level. This so-called “intelligent automation” is changing the way humans and machines interact. So businesses can increase efficiency, drive revenue and thrive in challenging markets. Read this article to understand the changing landscape of business automation, why it matters now and what […]

Cloud Migration

The term “cloud migration” gets thrown around a lot, but what exactly is it, and what does it involve? Read this blog to explore what cloud migration is all about, the benefits of planning a cloud migration strategy and tips for managing a successful migration. Read More…

5 elements of successful digital transformation

Get on a successful path to digital transformation with this 2-page checklist as your guide. Download it now to walk through the 5 essential building blocks of a strong digital transformation foundation — leadership, product, development, architecture and operations. Discover how transitioning to Red Hat Ansible produces the most positive outcomes. View: 5 elements of […]

 Leading Egypt Into a New Era of Mobility

When Ghaly Motors needed to fast-track digital transformation, it moved its SAP solution to IBM Cloud. Read this customer story for a look at benefits including improved user experiences and efficiencies. Contact us when you’re ready to write your own IBM Cloud success story with support from the experts at Data Fusion Specialists. Read More…

Lowering TCO with Linux on IBM Power Systems

Linux runs on virtually every compute platform in use today, making it arguably the most popular operating system on the planet. Read this blog to see how organizations are gaining dramatic cost savings on IT by running Linux on IBM Power Systems. With Data Fusion Specialists, your organization can save big too.

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